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Marketing is a difficult field to get right, this is why the best advertisers get paid the vast salaries that they do now. Every company knows that a successful marketing campaign can tip the balance between failure and success. There are a number of advertising media circulating at the moment for industries to choose from, but one of the surprise packages is that of the affiliate-marketing program.
Utilising the Internet to generate publicity may sound a little speculative, but in fact through the affiliate marketing program a number of industries have experienced nothing short of phenomenal growth. Take the online poker industry, the affiliate program provided them with a vast platform from which to advertise without any of the overheads that traditional advertising can accrue. Due to the unique advertising opportunity generated by the affiliate program, initial costs are kept to a minimum whilst the audience remains unrestricted.

The poker affiliate program as with all others works as a commission based advertising network, utilising a vast number of individual websites. By offering webmasters the opportunity to host advertisements on their site in exchange for a revenue as and when the adverts attract a new customer, affiliate programs can create significant interest among sites. This interest is increased further when you consider that neither the affiliate nor the primary affiliate program needs to pay any cash up front.

In all affiliate programs the website owners are rewarded as and when they produce a new customer. This is tracked by unique URL’s attached to each linked banner or other advertising source on their website. In most affiliate programs this will be a small one of cash payment, or a percentage of a sale or group of sales. However the poker industry offers a unique problem, in so far as they are not actually selling anything to a customer. Therefore to overcome this the poker affiliate program has designed an equally unique but spectacularly successful reward program.

Rather than merely offering a one-off payment scheme, the poker affiliate program offers their websites the opportunity to earn a percentage of the revenue generated by each player. This percentage can top 35% and rather than being for a few games or a couple of months, this payment is made for the entire lifetime of a player. This means each and every time a player generated by an affiliate site plays and generates revenue for the poker site, they also generated a percentage for their affiliate.

It is an amazing marketing strategy that has worked wonders for the industry, and has created a number of multi-million dollar sites. Poker affiliates keep flocking in due to the amazing revenues that they can command through this program. Therefore with extra affiliates joining up the poker sites can increase their own visibility and sphere of influence, without paying out. This in turn guarantees the future of both the affiliate and the poker industry, making it one of the most profitable marketing partnerships around.

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